Nordic Cooking & Jardín Bonita

Helen's Hacienda

Hosted by Louise Rakers owner of Nordic Cooking & Alicia Silva Flores owner of Jardin Bonita

Join us for an intimate 11 course dinner in Old Village where Alicia Silva Flores of Jardín Bonita and Louise Rakers of Nordic Cooking, chefs of Mexican and Danish descent, unite their culinary expertise. An 11 course drinks menu with wines, adaptogens, and coffees will be served along side the dinner perfectly pairing each dish. Location will take place in Helen Leland's, owner of The Bomb Co., stunning backyard. 

Date September 28th, 2023 
Start time 6 PM 

Experience First Ever Nordic-Mexican Gourmet Fusion: Embark on a sensory journey that marries the rich heritage of Mexico with the wholesome allure of Nordic cuisine. Join us for an intimate dinner experience where Alicia Silva Flores and Louise Rakers, chefs of Mexican and Danish descent, unite their culinary expertise.

Backyard Charm in Old Village: Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Helen Leland's backyard in Old Village. Amidst lush greenery, discover a culinary haven where flavors, florals, and stories intertwine.

Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Delights:
 Indulge in an 11-course culinary revelation that's not just delicious, but also caters to plant-based and gluten-free preferences. Every dish is a masterpiece, showcasing the harmonious blend of Mexican spices and Nordic freshness.

Cultural Symphony in Every Bite:
 Alicia Silva Flores infuses her Mexican roots, while Louise Rakers draws from Danish traditions. The result? A symphony of cultural influences that dance on your palate.

Paired Elegance:
 Elevate your dining experience with meticulously paired beverages that enhance each course's essence. From the first bite to the last sip, your senses are in for an extraordinary treat. We will be serving all from small vineyard wines, adaptogenic cocktails, dream teas and unique infused waters. 

Reservation Only:
 Secure your spot at this intimate culinary gathering. Whether you're an avid food explorer or seeking a unique indulgence, the Nordic-Mexican fusion dinner promises an evening of cultural discovery and palate-enchanting surprises. 

Have a seat at our table: