Our History



Welcome to Jardín Bonita, where we believe in cultivating beauty hand in hand with Mother Nature. Founded by Alicia Silva Flores, we're dedicated to offering a meticulously curated array of small-batch cut flowers, nurtured from seed, free of pesticides, right here in the heart of Charleston, SC.

At Jardín Bonita, we're passionate about celebrating the essence of life through the language of flowers. Our roots run deep in heritage, anchoring us to our identity and guiding our mission to infuse every moment with natural elegance.

We recognize the profound impact flowers have on creating cherished memories. That's why we carefully select seasonal blooms, fostering intimate connections between sentiments and stories, and enriching life's most treasured moments.

In addition to our homegrown blossoms, we actively seek out locally sourced flowers, fostering unique experiences that contribute to the vibrancy of our community.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the profound beauty and significance that flowers bring to our lives. Follow along and become an integral part of our flourishing community. Together, let's embrace the magic of nature's artistry.